Winter Maintenance

We are on the scene when the snow falls to help you save time and keep your walkways safe. Sign-up for a flexible winter maintenance plan for the entire season, monthly, or to cover you during a vacation.

We are here when you need us

If you need a comprehensive package, such as snow removal for your patio, deck, backyard pathways, detached garage, and more, we can accommodate you. Our ice-melting products and ice removal services can be added to your package at any time. We are here to get you through the winter months safely.

How to get started

Click the button to book a standard maintenance package. A team member will contact you to confirm your property details, discuss custom requests, and answer your questions.

Winter Maintenance
  • Snow removal within 24 hours of a snowfall
  • Unlimited snowfall visits
  • Sidewalk, front door, and driveways
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