Summer Maintenance

Get your weekends back and the most of the short summer season in Calgary. We can keep your yard looking fresh and vibrant without you lifting a finger.

Lawn Care

Weekly and biweekly lawn care services start after the May long weekend and continue through to the first week of October.

Weekly starting at $47/cut
Biweekly starting at $57/cut
Holiday lawn care starting at $57/cut
Corner and pie lots require a quote


One of the most despised jobs in the garden happens to be one of our favourites. Freshly weeded flower beds compliment a manicured lawn. Flower beds need to be weeded every 2-3 weeks so your oasis doesn't turn into a jungle of dandelions and thistles.

If adding weeding to your maintenance package doesn’t interest you, ask about landscape fabric and mulch installation to deter weed growth and preserve moisture in the ground to help your plants flourish even when it is hot and dry.


Fertilizing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and lush lawn.
We use a balanced formula of nitrogen, potash, sulphur, and phosphate to stimulate growth, root development, and increase your lawn’s growth to make it green and lush. It only takes four applications - one every six weeks - which we can include in your summer yard package.

Summer Maintenance
  • Trim the edges
  • Mow the lawn
  • Blow all cement areas
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