Tuscany Hill Project

Sometimes a deck is not enough space for entertaining, and moving a well shaded lawn does not make up the difference. This yard has lots of mature trees around it, which is great for privacy, but terrible for growing grass. The solution we found for them was to pull up that finicky grass and pave the area over some some gorgeous stones! The Dimensions product line by Expocrete made a beautiful patio in Tofino Grey, and was one of my favorite projects for 2021.

I had both my front and backyard totally redone by Alpine Vista.  They removed all my existing lawn and old rock from both the front and backyards.  I had a large patio installed in the backyard and the final product is beyond amazing.  Every friend and family member that sees it is also amazed, both in the design and how well it was done.  The remainder of the work done on my property was a combination of rock and large stones and that also turned out great.  I now have a zero maintenance yard and couldn't be happier.  Working with Alpine Vista was very smooth, from the initial visit and planning, up to the work and completion.  I would highly suggest this company for any landscaping needs.


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