Climie Project

One of the most important questions when looking at a possible landscape project is access! What I mean by access is; "can I get a bob cat or type of heavy machine into this area to do the work?". Sadly, there was NO access for any heavy machine, not even the small ones, for this project, so everything had to be done by hand. The excavation took the longest, but once that was done the wall and patio quickly took shape. As things took shape I loved the stone this client picked; mege-libre. It has the look of a natural stone, but it does not carry the extra cost of buying and installing natural stone. Although it was a lot of extra work not being able to use machines, the end result was very satisfying!

We have been so happy with the work done by Chad, Sarah, and the AVL team.  We had work done on both our front and backyard areas and Chad and his team were professional, friendly, and truly went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the finished product.  I was particularly impressed that Chad frequently worked along side his team - it was clear that he was leading by example and was not just someone who directed others as to what to do.  I highly recommend AVL for any landscaping needs.

Emma Climie


3 Weeks





Retaining Walls



Tree Planting

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