Baines Rd NW Project - 1

This property had aged... and had not aged well. It was time to update! Itwas important to the client that they not just have an improved pathway thatwrapped around the house, but also that they had a patio to entertain or enjoythe yard. I worked with them to find stones that reflected their preferencesand used a combination of synthetic stone for the high traffic areas, andnatural stone for the low traffic areas. The clients also had a huge value forplants! They wanted to have an inner city botanical garden; producing fruit,flowers and herbs all season long. They were fun to work with I am thrilledwith the end result.

We used a mixture sizes ofRoman Euro bricks in charcoal to make the pathway and patio, as well as acircle kit to construct the "cross roads" in the front yardwhere three different paths meet. The natural stone we used for the garden was2" black Rundle flagstone.


3 Weeks







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